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Women with colored hair experience different kinds of textural damage to their hair such as dry, rough & tangles. Neu Due is designed to improve the texture of colored hair without altering the beautiful color.

Fine Hair – Tangle
Detangles and smoothes hair, silky lightness

Normal Hair – Dry
Moisturizes and smoothes hair

Coarse Hair – Coarse Rough
Softens and smoothes hair

Prejume Styling Wax series provide different levels of hold & texture with a light, non-sticky feel and remains workable once applied.

Prejume Styling Wax 3
Soft hold for texture & playful movement
3.2 oz.

Prejume Styling Wax 5
Strong hold to shape and texturize hair
3.2 oz.

Prejume Styling Wax 7
Super strong hold, ideal for shorter hair types
3.2 oz.

Moroccanoil Treatment
For all hair types

Moroccanoil Treatment Light
For fine or light-colored hair


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